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Resources for Those Looking for Nursing Homes, Hospices, In-Home Hospices, Living Wills, Advance Directives, etc., Or Who Are Facing End-of-Life Challenges

Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

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I gathered the following resources -- which include searchable online databases, 24-hour helplines, and books -- to help individuals and families in their search for information, services, and facilities.

I hope these resources will be helpful to those who may need nursing homes, home health care, palliative care, hospices, assisted living, continuing care, geriatric care managers, living wills, advanced directives, hospital visitation authorization for unmarried partners, web connections with other family caregivers, and so on.

These resources include 27 online resources and 65 books

PLEASE NOTE: 12 other pages on this web site provide resources that some may find helpful. They include:

I hope you find these resources helpful.

Online Resources

Alzheimer's Association: Resources include 24-hour helpline, senior housing finder, care-finder, & library services.

Assisted Living INFO: "online guide for selecting an assisted living facility, retirement community, or other personal care facility anywhere in the United States. Our site is designed to assist you throughout the selection process. We offer tools to help you evaluate a senior's needs, facility selection tips, and our highly-acclaimed, map-based search engine to find a facility near family and friends."

Buddhist Hospice Directory: Listing, descriptions, & links to Buddhist organizations offering hospice and palliative care services.

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association: Information and services including an "on-line directory...designed to provide you with information on the availability of hospice palliative care services across Canada. Here you will find a listing of programs and services, their contact information, the population they serve, and where they provide care."

Canadian Virtual Hospice: Information and support for those facing end-of-life issues, for their families and loved ones, for their caregivers, and for professionals.  Includes a variety of online discussion groups (e.g., "I am living with a serious illness"; "I care about someone" for connecting with other caregivers; "I am living with loss and grief"), "Ask a professional," and other resources.

Cancer Care: "CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved. CancerCare programs – including counseling, education, financial assistance and practical help – are provided by trained oncology social workers and are completely free of charge."

Caregiver: information for family & professional caregivers; includes online listings for each state's Support Groups, Non-Profit Resources, Financial Aid. & Rural Caregiver Resources.

Caregiver Resources: web sites, books, chapters, and articles to provide information, support, and other resources for caregivers and their clinicians.

CaringBridge: "Free, personalized web sites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness.... A CaringBridge website helps keep loved ones informed during difficult times. In return, family and friends give patient and caregiver support through guestbook messages. Every free, personalized CaringBridge website includes: patient care journal to update family and friends; guestbook for messages of love; photo gallery; & free online support for using the service."

Caring Connections: online resources include "a state-specific living will or healthcare power of attorney"

Compassion and Choices: resources include forms for living will and advance directive (for each state) and hospital visitation authorization form for unmarried partners.

A Dying Person's Guide to Dying by Roger Bone, M.D.: "By thinking ahead about what could happen - and about how you will deal with problems if they do happen, you can create a better life and a better quality of life for yourself and for the people who love and care about you. What I have to say is for the person who, like myself, is dying. We, too, need to plan - to think ahead in order to fashion, out of the time remaining, the best of what is possible. As I am dying from cancer..."

Family Caregiver Alliance: "information on care strategies, stress relief, community resources, family issues and hands-on care. Be sure to also visit our Fact Sheet section for a comprehensive collection of family-friendly publications filled with practical information. For more personal assistance, click on 'Ask FCA'. And don’t miss our online Discussion Groups, to keep you connected, 24 hours a day, with other caregivers."

Gilbert Guide: Allows online searching for facilities & services including: (a) assisted living, (b) homecare, (c) continuing care (CCRC), (d) nursing homes, (e) home health care, (f) geriatric care managers, (g) adult day services, and (h) hospices.

Hospice Directory: online searchable database of hospices in Canada and the United States.

Mayo Clinic: Anticipating end-of-life needs of people with Alzheimer's disease: "The challenges of Alzheimer's disease multiply as the end of life approaches. Here are some ways to prepare for the tough choices ahead."

National Cancer Institute: End-of-Life Care: questions and answers - "The following information can help answer some of the questions that many patients, their family members, and caregivers have about the end of life."

National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization: Find a Provider: Allows online searches by city, name, specialization, etc.

National Institute for Jewish Hospice: "A 24 hour toll-free number counsels families, patients and care-givers, and provides locations of hospices, hospitals, health professionals and clergy of all faiths."

Nursing Home Directory: "Whether you are looking for a short rehabilitation stay or long-term residence, this website is designed to help you gather information about U.S. Nursing and Rehab Centers."

Nursing Home INFO: Allows online searching for nursing homes by city, county, state, name, management, or special needs.

Palliative Care Directory of Hospitals: searchable online database "to help you or a loved one locate a hospital in your area that provides a palliative care program. The directory is based upon palliative care programs listed in the 2007 American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey."

Perinatal hospice/palliative care programs and support: online listing and links to hospitals with perinatal hospice/palliative care programs. "As prenatal testing becomes increasingly routine, more parents are learning devastating news before their babies are born. In too many places, the ability to diagnose has raced ahead of the ability to care for these families and their babies. But in a beautiful and practical response, some pioneering hospitals and hospices are starting perinatal hospice or perinatal palliative care programs for families who wish to continue their pregnancies with babies who likely will die before or shortly after birth. A perinatal hospice approach walks with these families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and death, honoring the baby as well as the baby's family. Even in areas without a formal program, parents can create a loving experience for themselves and their baby, and health professionals and family and friends can offer support in the spirit of hospice (see our resources pages)."

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: comprehensive government web site for medicare & medicaid coverage.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Eldercare Locator: "links those who need assistance with state and local area agencies on aging and community-based organizations that serve older adults and their caregivers."

U.S. Health & Human Services Nursing Home Comparison Site: "The primary purpose of this tool is to provide detailed information about the past performance of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country." The site allows you to search by geography (i.e. all homes within a state or county), proximity (within a certain distance of a town or zip code), or name.

Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit: Guide to using veterans' pension benefit for home care, assisted living, nursing home, etc.


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