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Resources for Caregiving:

25 Books, 70 Recent Articles, & 56 Websites

Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

I gathered together on this page to help both caregivers and the clinicians who work with them to find information, support, and other resources.

This site is fully accessible for people with disabilities; please follow this link to change text size, color, or contrast; please follow this link for other accessibility functions for those with visual, mobility, and other disabilities.

I've organized the caregiving resources into 3 categories:

a) books,

b) articles and chapters, &

c) web sites.

Currently there are 25 books (published 2010-2016), 70 recent articles (published in 2016), and 56 web sites. However, I will update the site several times a year.

PLEASE NOTE: This web site includes 10 other pages of related sets of resources:

25 Books (2010-2016):

70 Recent Articles (published in 2016):

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