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Sexual Feelings In Psychotherapy: Explorations for Therapists and Therapists-in-Training

Kenneth Pope, Ph.D.
Janet Sonne, Ph.D.
Jean Holroyd, Ph.D.

This acclaimed book from the American Psychological Association provides therapists, clinical supervisors, graduate and professional school faculty, internship directors, and continuing education workshop leaders with a practical guide to the issues of therapist-patient sexual involvement (e.g., a review of the research on therapist-patient sex, information about treating patients who have been sexually involved with a previous therapist) and the even more fundamental issues confronting the profession: therapists' sexual feelings and their responses to patients' sexual feelings and behaviors.

NOTE: A special program of continuing education credit for this book is available from the American Psychological Association's Office of Continuing Education.

"Pope, Sonne, and Holroyd deserve kudos for having the courage to explore the unspoken. . . . Scholarly, engaging. . . the field of psychotherapy will never be the same again."
-- Professor Donald Meichenbaum, University of Waterloo

"Required reading for all clinicians, interns, and other trainees."
-- A. T. Morales, Director of Clinical Social Work and Social Work Training, UCLA

"This superb new volume fills a void in the current literature. . . With a minimum of jargon and with clarity of prose style, the authors have provided a much needed manual for psychotherapists of all theoretical orientations and all professional disciplines."
-- Glen Gabbard, M.D., The Menninger Clinic

"A landmark contribution. . . . There could be no more appropriate people to write this valuable resource."
-- Melba Vasquez, Diplomate in Counseling Psychology

"Like a trusted confidant, this reassuring yet challenging book shows how research, theory, and the reader's own feelings can be used to guide clinical practice. It is that rarest of books with which the reader shares an intimate dialogue of personal discovery. Powerful, truthful, and adventurous, it will serve as an essential text to which seasoned therapists will return again and again and should be required reading in all training programs."
-- Professor Jesse Geller, Yale University

Publisher: American Psychological Association
Phone orders: (202) 336-5500; (800) 374-2721


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