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Enhancing Well-Being & Avoiding Burnout -

139 Recent Books & Articles

Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

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I gathered together the following information to help clinicians keep abreast of the latest books and peer-reviewed articles on clinicians' self-care, enhancing well-being, and avoiding burnout.

The ethics book by Melba Vasquez, Ph.D., ABPP, and me includes a chapter emphasizing the ethic of self-care.  The chapter recommends "creating strategies for self-care as early as possible in your education, training, and practice. Neglecting self-care early on can drain the enthusiasm, joy, resilience, and meaning out of a career. It can hurt our ability to practice ethically. It can sink us in discouragement, compassion fatigue, and burnout."

The chapter discusses each of the possible consequences of neglecting self-care, including:

It also discusses strategies for addressing common problem areas, including:

So crucial is the ethic of self-care that it is worth keeping up with the rapidly evolving theory, research, and practice in this area.

This web page presents recent (i.e., published in 2011-2013) cites for books and peer-reviewed journal articles addressing clinician self-care, well-being, and burnout.  The titles include, for example:

Because the literature on self-care, well-being, and burnout is so vast, the lists below are limited to books and articles focusing specifically on clinicians' self-care, well-being, or burnout.

RECENT BOOKS (2011-2014): 

Hughes, G. (2014). Competence and self-care in counselling and psychotherapy. New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.

Kottler, Jeffrey A. (2012), The Therapist's Workbook: Self-Assessment, Self-Care, and Self-Improvement Exercises for Mental Health Professionals (2nd ed.) (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc)

Skovholt, Thomas M. and Trotter-Mathison, Michelle (2011), The Resilient Practitioner: Burnout Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for Counselors, Therapists, Teachers, and Health Professionals (2nd ed.) (Counseling and psychotherapy: Investigating practice from scientific, historical, and cultural perspectives.; New York, NY, US: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group)

136 RECENT ARTICLES (2011-2014):

Balevre, P. S., Cassells, J., and Buzaianu, E. (2012), 'Professional nursing burnout and irrational thinking: a replication study', J Nurses Staff Dev, 28 (1), 2-8.

Ballenger-Browning, Kara K., et al. (2011), 'Predictors of burnout among military mental health providers', Military Medicine, 176 (3), 253-60.

Bartram, Timothy, et al. (2012), 'Do perceived high performance work systems influence the relationship between emotional labour, burnout and intention to leave? A study of Australian nurses', Journal of Advanced Nursing, 68 (7), 1567-78.

Bellieni, C. V., et al. (2012), 'Assessing burnout among neonatologists', J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med.

Ben-Porat, Anat and Itzhaky, Haya (2011), 'The contribution of training and supervision to perceived role competence, secondary traumatization, and burnout among domestic violence therapists', The Clinical Supervisor, 30 (1), 95-108.

Blanchard, P., Rodrigues, M., and Colombat, P. (2012), 'On the prevalence and causes of oncologist burnout', J Clin Oncol, 30 (24), 3029-30.

Bobbio, A., Bellan, M., and Manganelli, A. M. (2012), 'Empowering leadership, perceived organizational support, trust, and job burnout for nurses: a study in an Italian general hospital', Health Care Manage Rev, 37 (1), 77-87.

Boellinghaus, I., Jones, F. W., & Hutton, J. (2013). Cultivating self-care and compassion in psychological therapists in training: The experience of practicing loving-kindness meditation. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 7(4), 267-277.

Boudrias, J. S., Morin, A. J., and Brodeur, M. M. (2012), 'Role of psychological empowerment in the reduction of burnout in Canadian healthcare workers', Nurs Health Sci, 14 (1), 8-17.

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Bowers, Len, et al. (2011), 'The relationship between leadership, teamworking, structure, burnout and attitude to patients on acute psychiatric wards', Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 46 (2), 143-48.

Breiddal, Susan Mary Frownes (2012), 'Self-care in palliative care: A way of being', Illness, Crisis, & Loss, 20 (1), 5-17.

Buchele, Bonnie J. (2012), 'The AGPA Institute as a boost to therapist resilience in a post-9/11 world', International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 62 (4), 615-25.

Campagne, Daniel M. (2012), 'When therapists run out of steam: Professional boredom or burnout?', Revista de Psicopatología y Psicología Clínica, 17 (1), 75-85.

Canning, Sally Schwer (2011), 'Out of balance: Why I hesitate to practice and teach "self-care."', Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 30 (1), 70-74.

Caruso, A., et al. (2012), 'Burnout among physicians and nurses working in oncology', Med Lav, 103 (2), 96-105.

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Chang, Elaine, Eddins-Folensbee, Florence, and Coverdale, John (2012), 'Survey of the prevalence of burnout, stress, depression, and the use of supports by medical students at one school', Academic Psychiatry, 36 (3), 177-82.

Cheung, Chau-Kiu and Chow, Esther Oi-Wah (2011), 'Reciprocal influences between burnout and effectiveness in professional care for elders', Social Work in Health Care, 50 (9), 694-718.

Christopher, John Chambers and Maris, Judy A. (2010), 'Integrating mindfulness as self-care into counselling and psychotherapy training', Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, 10 (2), 114-25.

Cimiotti, J. P., et al. (2012), 'Nurse staffing, burnout, and health care-associated infection', Am J Infect Control, 40 (6), 486-90.

Cleary, M., Jackson, D., & Hungerford, C. L. (2014). Mental health nursing in Australia: Resilience as a means of sustaining the specialty. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 35(1), 33-40.

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de Rooij, A. H., et al. (2012), 'Professional caregivers' mental health problems and burnout in small-scale and traditional long term care settings for elderly people with dementia in the Netherlands and Belgium', J Am Med Dir Assoc, 13 (5), 486 e7-11.

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Eagle, S., Creel, A., and Alexandrov, A. (2012), 'The Effect of Facilitated Peer Support Sessions on Burnout and Grief Management among Health Care Providers in Pediatric Intensive Care Units: A Pilot Study', J Palliat Med.

Eddy, Kamryn T. (2013), 'Patient Mortality as a Predictor of Burnout Among Clinicians Specializing in Eating Disorders', Psychotherapy.

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Hadad, Elad and Ben-Shahar, Asaf Rolef (2012), 'The things we're taking home with us: Understanding thearpist's self-care in trauma work', International Journal of Psychotherapy, 16 (1), 50-61.

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