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Law and Mental Health Professionals: California

Brandt Caudill, J.D.
Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

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The Law and Mental Health Professionals series is designed to provide a resource for both mental health professionals and attorneys regarding mental health law in each state.

Some of the topics in the Law & Mental Health Professionals: California volume include licensing (for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric technicians, hypnotists, polygraph examiners, etc.), setting up a private practice (sole proprietorships, professional corporations, partnerships), HMOs, PPOs, hospitals, community homes, insurance reimbursement, tax deductions for services, ownership and access to records, privileged communications, competence, guardianship, conservatorship, child custody, reporting child abuse, reporting elder abuse, foster care, adoption, delinquincy, nonresponsibility, civil commitment, education of handicapped children, consent for abortion, evaluation and treatment of children at the request of a noncustodial parent, duty to report injuries from criminal conduct, mental status, workers compensation benefits, vocational disability determinations, emotional distress as a basis for civil liability, insanity of wrongdoers and civil liability, competency to contract, competency to sign a will, competency to vote, competency to obtain a driver's license, unfair competition, employment discrimination, jury selection, expert witnesses, polygraph evidence, competence to testify, psychological autopsy, screen police officers, pretrial evaluations, competency to stand trial, provocation, mens rea, diminished capacity, criminal responsibility, battered women's syndrome, rape trauma syndrome, hypnosis of witnesses, eyewitness identification, competence to be sentences, sentencing, probation, dangerous offenders, habitual offenders, competency to serve a sentence, transfer from penal to mental health facilities, parole, competency to be executed, pornography, services for sex offenders, services for victims of crimes, Medicaid and Medi-Cal, Health Care Cost-Containment services, voluntary civil admission of mentally ill adults, involuntary civil commitment of mentally ill adults, voluntary admission and involuntary commitment of alcoholics, voluntary admission and involuntary commitment of drug addicts, services for developmentally disabled persons, hospice care, informed consent for services, right to refuse treatment, regulation of aversive and avoidance conditioning, quality assurance for hospice care, malpractice liability, other forms of professional liability, criminal liability, liability of credentialing boards, and antitrust limitations on practice.


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