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Colon & Colorectal Cancer Treatment Research

and Sources of Information & Support

Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

The resources I've gathered together on this page are intended to help people with colon cancer and their loved ones to find information, support, and other resources. These resources are meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health care professional.

I created this site to be fully accessible for people with disabilities; please follow this link to change text size, color, or contrast; please follow this link for other accessibility functions for those with visual, mobility, and other disabilities.

There are 4 sections of resources:     

     1) 8 Recent Books

     2) 32 Recent Articles on Psychological Aspects of Colorectal Cancer

     3) 141 Recent Research Articles on Colorectal Cancer Treatments

     4) Links to 27 Web Sites Providing Information and Support for People with Colorectal Cancer, Their Loved Ones, & Clinicians

PLEASE NOTE: This web site includes 8 other pages of related sets of resources:

BOOKS (Published in 2011-2013):

ABC of Colorectal Cancer (2nd ed.) by Annie M. Young, Richard Hobbs, & David Kerr. (2011). Wiley-Blackwell.

Colon Cancer Study Guide: Concise Information That Every Med Student, Physician, NP, and PA Should Know by J. T. Thomas. (2013). Chart-MD/Amazon Digital.

Colon & Rectal Cancer: From Diagnosis to Treatment (2nd ed.) by Paul Ruggieri & Addison Tolentino. (2011). Addicus Books.

Colorectal Cancer (Oxford Oncology Library) edited by Daniel Swinson & Matthew Seymour. (2012). Oxford University Press.

Colorectal Cancer: Risk, Diagnosis and Treatments edited by Julianne E. Jenkins. (2012). Nova Science.

Colon Cancer by Toney Allman. (2012). Lucent Books.

Johns Hopkins Patient Guide To Colon And Rectal Cancer by Nita Ahuja. (2013). Jones & Bartlett.

Manual of Fast Track Recovery for Colorectal Surgery (Enhanced Recovery) edited by Nader Francis, Robin H. Kennedy, Olle Ljungqvist, & Monty G. Mythen. (2012). Springer.


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